The United Empire Loyalists  Association of Canada



The United Empire Loyalists’  Association of Canada is an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of Canadians through knowledge of the past, in particular the history of the United Empire Loyalists and their contribution to the development of Canada.

The United Empire Loyalists were generally those who had been settled in the thirteen colonies at the outbreak of the American Revolution, who remained loyal to and took up the Royal Standard, and who settled in what is now Canada at the end of the war. For more about the Loyalists, read “History of the Loyalists.”

In addition to perhaps one Canadian in ten having a Loyalist ancestor, many others of Loyalist descent live elsewhere – in the United States, in commonwealth countries such as Australia and New Zealand, and scattered around the world.

If you are descended from a Loyalist family or would just like to learn more, please contact your nearest branch. You do not have to be a descendant to join,

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