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Van Iderstine Family Tree

Hi Folks,

Greetings from PEI. I hope this finds everyone well. It has been some time since I have corresponded with some of you and with others it has been quite recent.

A group of Van Iderstine's here on PEI from the Murray River area have gotten together each year for a dinner. In 2005 they invited all known Van Iderstine's and descendants to join them. I spoke on my research on the family, people brought pictures and artifacts to display.

Some of us with a greater interest in genealogy and family connections gathered at Paulette McNally's house in Charlottetown this winter. Here we figured out how we were all related, told stories we knew of the Van Iderstine's and Paulette told us of her research into Loyalist John's military service during the American Revolution.

After one of our get together I realized that I had the names of over 5000 descendants, 100 plus pictures, and wills and old letters. We are very lucky that Frank and Bev Van Iderstine gathered together in the 1930's a family tree, which was added to by Bertha Anderson in the 1960's and Carle Van Iderstine from Halifax, Nova Scotia in the 1980's. Carle is the only one still living at the age of 88.

Since 1996 I have been adding to this information and through the internet have found so many Van Iderstines who have an interest in the family tree. I have sent this message to about 42 of you. As a result I have decided to put all this together in a book which I hope to have ready to print by 2011. I know this sounds like a long time away but genealogy is only a hobby at this time and until I retire in about 15 years I need to work for a living.

What I am asking from people is the following:

1. An updated list of your family tree up to the present generation for including in the book. If you are not sure of what information I have on your family just email me and I will send you what I have.

2. Any pictures of the Van Iderstine family and their descendants. If you have any pictures and can scan them into your computer and email them to me that would be great. If you can make copies of any photos that you have you can mail them to me and I will pay the copying and mailing charges.

3. Any old wills or letters that you might have are also very interesting to read and very valuable as they often talk about family connections in them and may provide some clues as to where family members went after they left PEI.

4. Also interested in any family members who may have served overseas in either of the two World Wars.

5. Names and addresses of other Van Iderstine relatives who I may not have had contact with.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

- Gordon Furness

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