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Van Iderstine Family Tree
ello, welcome to our family website. Please take a moment and browse through our familiesí rich and colorful history. Our story begins in the early 1600s when Michiel Tadens left the Eiderstedt Peninsula for New Amsterdam, probably under contract with the West Indies Company. From there, the family moved to Wallington, New Jersey and changed their name to Van Iderstine. The family grew and branched throughout the U.S. and Canada.

his site deals mainly with the Canadian side of the family, beginning when John left the United States after the American Revolution as a Loyalist. Hopefully our American cousins will be able to help us connect John with his New Jersey family. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who might have any information on John.

he information on this site was gathered from many sources and is correct to the best of my knowledge. However, readers should verify dates and names before assuming they are 100% correct. Corrections accompanied by a verified source are always welcome. Enjoy!

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- Kent Van Iderstine

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